I'm so glad you asked. Here at South Brazil Missions our goal and desire is to first and foremost please our God and Father by obeying the Great Commission left to us by our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
       In which, our directive is to spread the Good News of the Gospel to everyone we come into contact with. This we do in many ways. First, we try to get the Word of God into as many hands as possible in the area that we are ministering; while inviting them to join us for Bible studies and church services. Then, to those who will listen, we sit down with them and go through the Gospel taking the time to walk them through each aspect of salvation.
       I would like to take this paragraph to thank all of those who have given to this ministry. It is only because of your generous gifts and donations that the lives of so many can be touched! Please pray for south brazil missions. also please consider giving to the ministry. we are in need of fellow brothers and sisters to partner with us monthly, also one time gifts are greatly appreciated and go towards purchasing the items needed to meet the needs of the people. What seems like a little to you can make big differnce in the life of another!  

So what is the vision of South Brazil Missions?

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